Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pig's Soft Catwalk!

My friend Scream let me take some pictures of her in some cute dresses she got from her groups. (Click on the picture to make it bigger and to see all the lovely details)

The first two dresses are group gifts from Pig Kick's Closet. There is no in world store that I know of, so you have to join the group and check the notices to get them. There are lots more freebies there too! If you can't find it in search, go to the profile of the creator Rin Paine to join.

The green dress is a group gift from On The Catwalk. They have normally been known for their skins, but this dress is really great!

The beautiful skin is from Soft Touch Skins, one of my faves. Join the group and check notices for this and other gifts. The group is open enrollment right now, but very soon will have a join fee because of the massive amounts of awesome gifts being given out. There is also a subscribo in the store that gives out different gifts from the ones in the group, so click that too. AND the store still does have the 15L box that changes the goodies about every month or so.

OK, have fun!

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