Saturday, December 20, 2008

Love Sooooooul

There are 26 prizes over four sims, you gotta kill zombies, and the drop rates are kind of low. So, to better help you get the items you actually want, I'm listing the vendor prizes on each sim. I'm not taking pictures cause I just can't run around to 25 shops at 2 am in the morning to redeem tags.

-Sugar Mill
-Strawberry Milk
-Studio Creative Faith (1)
-Sky Fish
-Love Soul & Junwave 1

-Witch's Shop B*s
-Love Soul 1 (Men's nail prize)
-Studio Creative Faith (2)
- Love Soul & Junwave (2)
-SB Mall
-Parallel Love

-Love Soul 3
-Ap*s Furniture
-Casis Rose
-Juicy Pop

-Emily18 Weiz
-Love Soul 2

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