Saturday, December 27, 2008

Looooooove Soul

Blue at Love Soul changed up her chairs yesterday, I sat and sat and sat.... and got... one thing. All day. Luckily, it was these ridiculously detailed nails. So pretty! Mmmm prim nail addictions.
Another thing in the chairs is the candy bag. There is a cookie bag as well, and is totally cute with a little pink bow. This isn't the exact candy bag in the chair, the candy bag in the chair is orange, but close enough. This red candy bag was a prize for catching the reindeer staff as they ran all over the four sims in the love soul hunt.
Finally this morning, my darling Erna TPed me and I was able to score this hair, which is another of the prizes in the chair. There is a blue version shown below and pink. There is another hair style in the chair in both blue and pink as well, so there is plenty to grab, just sit your buns down at the table and eat a cha siu bao or two. Or I'll eat them for you. >:]
The dress? Well, the dress... is the newest in store release from Love Soul. I saw three little bunny girls running around in them and just about died they were so cute. The dress comes with shoes and prim nails and all together is only 200L, I couldn't resist. Of course Proo Proo hates it. It comes in six or seven colors, I at least need to get the bloo one too UGH SO CUTE.

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