Sunday, December 14, 2008

Alli & Ali Lucky Chair

Alli&Ali is one of those stores where you really have to look at everything. They sell shoes, gadgets, beards, eyes, nails, trees, prim armpit hair (yay!), and just tons of everything. It is so much fun to explore and I highly recommend doing so. Anyway, they have lucky chairs!! The chair on the left seems to contain many varieties of prim beard and the chair on the right holds all sorts of treats. My favorite thing in it though is the Inventory Butler. It retails for around 600L, so winning it saved me a bunch.

It is extremely super fantastic. Basically you put your items into the little categorizes drawers instead of having them all jumbled up in your inventory. Then, when you need something, you say the name of the thing you need and it gives it to you. SO CLEVER! An don't worry, only the owner can control it, so you won't have people taking your stuff.

Love this.

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