Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yip Imps

This is the tale of an Imp. The Imp's name was Yip, Four Yip, to be exact. Yip was an Imp, but, that's not entirely a bad thing. It's not bad at all as a matter of fact.

Once upon a time Yip the Imp came upon a hotel filled with rooms each one less like the other. She frolicked and played and had such a merry day, she invited a friend over!
They bounced on the furniture, and swung from the rafters, they chattered and danced, and that was all that mattered!
But little did they know, they had been spotted! As a dervish of a little girl jaunted and spun, wanting nothing more than to join in the fun.
Yip was so happy she could hardly express it. New friends, and new games, that was a great Present! Yip had a special and generous soul, she wanted to give back so all could take hold. Feel the warmth and magic and excitement, so she left all kinds of copies there for you to enjoy it! Explore her hotel room, everything is free! From the Yip costumes to the bed that you see!
She knows that you're smiling, and it makes her glad, as she and her friend dance away into neon boogaloo land!

I love Four Yips, and honestly I don't know anyone that *doesn't*. To be more clear, there are two new costumes, the one with the little bear, and the one with the big bear head, of course they are FREE at Hotel Dare. If you were at the sorting party a week or so ago when Hempy was showing them off, well, these are them, no more lusting, go grab them! They on on the second floor, first door to the right I believe! While you're there click everything, cause it's free, you can take home the bed set, the pajamas, the costumes and more. Take your time and enjoy, and while you're at it, look at the other rooms in Hotel Dare, we had a ball, and I've uploaded photos of our adventure to Flickr if you are at all interested in seeing more.

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