Monday, December 22, 2008


Ugh, I've been SO excited about this since last night, but I've managed to keep it mostly quiet until now.

Nix Sands dropped this fantastic gift on me, and I practically fell over it was so amazing. The best part? Its a gift for you too! Nix has put out a special set of holiday D'fly shoes, in the most gorgeous pale blue, appropriately called 'Ice Queen'. They are available at XCENTRICITY, along with all the other available colors, and really, you should have these shoes in EVERY available color.

GO GET THEM! GO GET THEM NOOOOOOOOOW! The little dragonflies on the heels emit little sparkly particles, but if you don't want to be sparkly, all you've gotta do is click on the wings, and poof, particles gone, these are such fantastic shoes I can hardly stand it!

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