Thursday, December 25, 2008

Another Wish

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy winter season, regardless of what you celebrate, or don't celebrate and say that I wish you all the best company, warm homes, and full hearts. The season is pretty hard on me, and I know I'm not the most likable person but really, best season wishes and thank you lovely friends I have for the generous gifts.

This post is also meant to say that I hope you are all thankful. The holidays aren't about giving, but about family, and faith among other things, and not everyone has both, or either. So be grateful for the unneeded gifts we receive, and be open to the spirit of the holidays because greed can be ugly.

In any life, Second of first we are still only human, so please everyone say your thanks to those in your life that bring you joy, and make you laugh and support you, and those that have gifted you, not today but ever in your friendships because nothing in life revolves around us, and it's those around us that pick us up, poke fun at us, and support us in our daily lives that really make our existences even better than they could be.

Happy Holidays.


Sileny said...

Love Jooo!

finding the filth said...

beautifully said dear proo. hope you had a fantastic holiday.

*big hugs* :D

Anonymous said...

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Sileny said...

hey Laylas! Thanks for checking out our blog! We aim to please! :D