Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kiss My Shorts!

No, seriously, kiss'em! While out and about on the POE hunt, you either will, or have passed up a charming little store called FD Style. Not only is the store stock full of great furniture, but there are many treats to be had. First off, there are three freebies at the door. A house, box of trees, and the cutest little holiday accesory you'll find!

This adorable misteltow headband is all yours for a whopping 0 Linden! While you're at FDS, check out Santa and see if you're on his good side, also there are three letter changing presents under the dress with all sorts of goodies to be had.

On the the shorts part, The Steamstress released another freebie to their Subscrib-O-Matic group. A pair of shorts that are perfectly simple, and well drawn. (You get two pair, black as shown below, and brown) While you hit the SoM, make sure to check the history for Dec 1st group gift. While checking out The Steamstress, don't forget to check out their lucky chair.

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