Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh C'thulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

Decided to go on a little romp today, didn't expect to be accosted by cultists >.>, but I suppose its to be expected when you find yourself at Munster Hills. Lolli Munster's glorious hotel and hill is an amazing location, for shopping, pictures, or... practicing the dark arts it seems.

Did you know that House of Munster has a group? Did you know that the group is MORE than worthy of one of those precious spots in your group list? Well, there is, and it is worthy, more than worthy actually. The entrance fee is 50L, but its more than worthwhile, right now there are three fantastic group gifts you can pick up in the lobby of the Munster Hotel, one of which is the adorable hair I'm wearing. Its called 'Button' and is a group exclusive, this beauty will never be sold, and you get it in five colors. House of Munster hair for 50L? Hell yes.

Next up is that gorgeous little corset I'm rocking, this is another of the group gifts waiting for you in the lobby. Its from Rotten Toe, and we all know how I feel about Rotten Toe. I mean, the name is kind of ick, but the clothes are superb. HoM hair and a Rotten Toe Corset for 50L? No joke.

But really, thats not it. There is also this gorgeous skin set from Tacky Stars. Its called Kitsune, and comes in two shades. I love the mouth on the skin, and the dramatic eyes make it a total keeper for me. I'd never worn a Tacky Stars skin before, but I have to admit, that is a pretty face right there. I'm ready for my close up Mister DeMille. The face isn't all though, when I took a look at my back I squealed, cause I had been admiring the wing tattoos in the Tacky Stars shop, but there they were, flitting at me.

So, if you aren't afraid of a couple of cultists, you should go shopping, take pictures, and for serious, join the House of Munster group. The fee is... perfect to me, its more than reasonable for what you're getting, but if you just can't give up a space, the fee isn't enough to make it super prohibitive. Whats 50L anyway? ;D


Alvena Weezles said... *runs to be a cultist*
thank you so much!

Wrenja said...

high five for cultists