Thursday, June 4, 2009

Space Kitteh of Necronom

Entry 10, Star Date 2603/19/2 - I've made it through the spacial rift in one piece but my supplies are low, and if these reading are accurate I'm 4 light years from the rendezvous point. All my attempts to contact Captain Wrenja have failed. Experiencing some unusual bio signs, something feels off. I'm running further tests.

Entry 11, Star Date 2603/20/2 - All tests prove inconclusive. My hearing and eyesight have increased considerably, along with my sense of smell. I seem to be evolving at an outstandingly high rate the changes are overwhelming I prepare myself for suspended animation. It may be the only way I could make it back alive.

Entry 12, Star Date 2603/21/2 - This will be my last entry. I've set a course for home and minimized power usage. Boosting the engines was a success I might make it after all. Entering suspended animation now with hopes to stabilize my condition and conserve energy.
All the pictures were taken at Space Colony Necronom VI when you get there it drops you in space mall where you could pick up all sorts of weird space goods. There is lots to explore here I haven't even scratched the surface. Go have a look!
My entire outfit is from + DV8 + one of my favorite stores!
Some of which you could score for free or next to nothing!
Outfit: +DV8+ Collision Set Cyan Stripe - Lucky Chair Prize (every color imaginable!)
Tail: +DV8+ NEW Rivet Kittah Tail! 6 Different Colors in the Midnight Mania Board!! Squee!
Boots: +DV8+ NEW Rivet Kittah Paw Boots 6 Pairs for 60L in the RiotVendor!? YaY.
+DV8+ Girly Cyberheart, Cyber Tiara, Cyber Wrist Cuffs, Cyber Dollkey, Electra Cyber Ears,
Io Cyberfalls Hair Bleach Bliz
MiaSnow skin: Lolli Bloody Pleasures #1, one of the many skins marked down to 300L available for a limited time at MiaSnow!! Run run!
**Edit** Please be aware that Space Colony Necronom is not only mature, but an adult area with some serious Sci-fi and sexual RP'ing going on.


Narita said...

fabulous post sweetie! :D

Terry Toland said...

I think it'd be a good idea to warn people that Necronom is a not only a roleplay area, but a roleplay area focused on sci-fi rape and accompanying themes. It's an adult (not just mature) area, and from what I wandered by, there's not only tentacles galore but texture slides of hentai. It's a beautiful build, to be sure, but definitely not a place to go if the computer is located in a family area.

Hempy Weezles said...

oops.. thanks :o