Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chipping Away at the Inventory of Doom

I finally caught a few minutes to sit down with my inventory last night & catch up on the mountains of stuff I've accumulated over the last few weeks. It was getting pretty dangerous in there :/

Anyway, I found all these boxes from the Designer Showcase Network Subscriber Group (DSN) that I still hadn't opened. And, omg so much good stuff! If you haven't signed up yet, you're just being a leotard. You get presents every night from the categories you sign up for - 9 different ones in all. Tons of great shops are involved. And everything is totally 100% FREE!

Here's just a little of what I managed to unpack.

Left - SYSY's DSN - Amber in black dress set
Center - [spork] Flight Mini - gold - (DSN)
Right - (Elate!) Amy (Sky) - DSN

Left - dsn - idk - leopard leggings green
Center - Insolence DSN Gift - Dolores White
Right - DSN SLink - Buckle Pants, Spring Blue

You might have noticed the cute peep-toe shoes in those pics above. Those are from Plausible Body & the Fatpack of 9 colors is on XStreet for FREE. It even comes with a pair that are scripted to color change, so you never even have to take them off your feet to match your outfits. Super duper thanks goes out to the sweetie Isadora Vayandar for tipping me off about this fabulous find! :D

PB >> Open Toe Pumps :: in White, Pink, Brown, Green, Gold, Red, Purple, Blue & Black

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