Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pika piiii~

Ever have one of those nights where you get smashed, get married, then end up married to three other girls, and are suddenly a Pikachu dancing around Morrigan Denimore? Doesn't happen very often, even to me, but welcome to last night.

The evening started off innocent enough, hit up Violent Seduction to check out Iki's new skins, but ran into Iki and Aura of tacky stars, and the night began. Lolli eventually came around, and it was on.

Really though, I have just one thing to say. PHE4R.

outfit isn't for sale, have to be part of the Harem of Munster to get one :O
The shoes though, the shoes you can get.


(Told you I'd do it Iki xd)


Aura Falta said...


Unknown said...

Holy crap. I love you.

Wrenja said...

you better love me <3