Monday, June 1, 2009

Purple People Eaters

I lied. We don't eat people, we eat cancer before it eats us! If you didn't know, it's Paint SL Purple day, and I can only hope to see some purple around the grid. I went all out and painted the shop purple, as well as myself, and if you don't have any purple you can head down to Patchworks NEW location (Yeah, already moved) and get yourself a purple tube top, or for the boys, a purple jacket! I was demanded to inform you of my location change. The new location is here. You can see the FREE PURPLE TOPS here; CLICK ME

I wanted to take a moment to post a "Do you know?"

Do you know of a little shop by the name of Impish Designs? Probably not. Well, now you do, and you'll love it. My dear sweet friend Crystal, whom I owe the world or I wouldn't even have a shop, is the owner of her own little slice of creativity. She makes an assortment of furniture, scripted and sculpted. I personally adore her fully scripted and animated futon that moves with you as the pose sees fit. She has an awesome new-age styles ball chair too for only 10L. Pop into her shop and take a gander. You might find something you like, I know I have.

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