Sunday, June 14, 2009

Real Life Squee

Frick is one of my favourtie skin stores. The Trickster skins are one of my goto skins and I've worn them on blog posts a few times. I love the vibrant make-up, I definitely hope she'll make more freckled skins. x:
I headed over the other day to pick up some of the Flurry and Noir skins and to check the lucky chair and to my delight found Fricka had re-done her Halloween skins. She hasn't sent out a notice as far as I know but her store blog's been updated. :3

Vengence in Goth

It's a bit of a trek to find them. x: You go up the stairs to the top level and there'll be a sign to your (hopefully) left. Behind it is a phantom wall which you can walk through and the skins will be there.


Or you can get them at the Hotel Munster location, no walking required, dollarbie Toxic skin included. x:

Plague in Goth and Cream

There's also a red version called 'Fear'. They come with three lip options as well as the regular large/small lips Frick offers. The Plague, Fear and Vengence are 'full price' skins but because they're Eloh (Another Skin)/Sezmra (Splendor) hybrid/mods they're a lot cheaper than many other skins out there.

VSM gift - Heat Wave in Goth and Tan

If you haven't picked up these skins or checked out the VSM gifts you have a couple more weeks left. Vendor Support Month was a project set up to promote stores by offering residents limited edition things for only 10L. This site has more info and a list of participating stores. Frick's set includes four skins (also comes in Peaches and Chocolate) and a matching cami/pants/socks set. :3

Lucky Chair prize - Paradise in Peaches and Chocolate

It took me a while but I finally won it on a wildcard. x: It also comes in the Goth and Tan tones. :3

And that's all the newness I could see at Frick. :3 You do not want to know how long it took me to do this post, I think I'm going to avoid putting two pictures together a lot more than I have been. x:

All skins by Frick
Vengence - 59L
Plague - 179L
Toxic - Hotel Munster special - 1L
Heat Wave - Vendor Support gift - 10L
Paradise - Lucky Chair prize

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