Thursday, June 11, 2009

Seldom Blue has pulled a lot of tricks out of their hat recently, luckily, every last one of them has been pretty fantastic. I've always been a fan of their latex, and if you're lucky enough, you might score a sexy new set yourself.

Today I'm at Templum ex Obscurum, yet another amazing sim for photographs.

Seldom Blue recently put out a lucky chair, so they said in their notecard, when I arrived I found four though. Not bad. Four chairs on 20 minute timers, with three different gifts to win, definitely worth the wait, if only for that naughty little number above.

If you're looking for something a little more ethereal, well Seldom Blue's new lucky chairs have you covered too. This dress comes with SO many options its ridiculous, there are system skirts, the prim skirt comes in opaque and translucent, and the system skirts have a belt option, ugh i can hardly follow all of the possibilities this dress has.

There is also a cute set of lingerie, rounding out the trio, with all three you'll be ready for just about anything, of course its the quality you'd expect from Seldom blue.

And if you missed getting the lovely Kira lingerie in blue for 1L, they've extended the discount, but it's now 50L, but still completely worth every linden, its a beautiful set, and available at this price for a limited time, when that time is up, it'll be 465L, that's quite a deal if you ask me :P

The skin I'm wearing is from Tacky Stars, its called Quiet Doll, and is only 200L ;)

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