Sunday, June 7, 2009

Carnivale at Creve Coeur!

Carnivale at Creve Coeur is going on June 6th-8th. There are fun events happening including Dj's and Contests. It was quite busy when I got there but I persevered and explored most of the sim which I will say is lovely there is lots to do and see. Many shops for every taste. During the festivities there are balloons you can purchase most of which are between 0L-25L. Some I'll show you now, along with some really lovely snaps I took around the sim when the lag finally died down.

This outfit I scored from one of said balloons from "Romp" its called One Nite Only 24L
I paired it with Under the Sun Circus hat, and SMOTD's Macabre ballet shoes called Big Top.

This Gypsy dress by Malt is an amazing steal for only 20L
I finished off the look with a few accessories from Barerose "Ida" outfit.
(necklace and headwrap)

The look on the left was made up of three balloons I found, two by Fear & Clothing co.
Carny Pants 15L and Red Feather Bolero 20L
Tank top from [Miseria] 5L includes 3 colors with 6 layer options
The outfit on the right called Cotton Candy is from Subtle Submission 0L.
Skin on the right is My Ugly Dorothy group gift "love" still available.

Find these playful skins from Doux Petit Dahl at Creve Coeur
6 different shades for 25L
The flower by Aoharu for 20L you get red and yellow.


Anonymous said...

Is the cotton candy dress at the main store? Do you happen to have a Landmark?

Anonymous said...

Nevermind I went to the wrong landmark.

Annelie said...

Where is the skin in the first picture from? I can never have too many weird clown makeup skins!