Friday, June 5, 2009

Another Through The Looking Glass Preview

For this set I headed out to Unintended Waters. It's sort of a swampy valley sim with a lot of flowers. :3

The outfit is Scruffy Gora's Through The Looking Glass prize. It comes with boots and hair. o: There's also prizes for the Discorvery hunt and Fun In The Sun hunt available in store.

I paired it with an awesome set of Cheshire cat eyes from MaXeyes who are also in the Discorvery, Bedtime, Fun in the Sun and Man hunts and the TTLG skin from 42 Wren blogged. 42's also having a 42L sale so if you like these skins now's an excellent time to snap up some of their regular skins at a great price.
Again, you can click the pictures for a fuller view of the sim. :3 You don't want to know how long I spent taking them, it's scary. <.< And glow, is it really bright for anyone else? ._.

Sim - Unintended Waters
Outfit with hair and boots - Scruffy Gora - Through The Looking Glass (TTLG) hunt prize
Skin - 42 - Through The Looking Glass (TTLG) hunt prize
Eyes - MaXeyes - Through The Looking Glass (TTLG) hunt prize


okrebecca said...

maxeyes is actually here!
andddd there's also three hunt prizes there too!
great finds! you know i'm taking pics in this sim SOON.

Trickett Nightfire said...

Thanks Okrebecca. :3 I updated the links, hopefully editing doesn't mess up feeds, apologies to the feed readers if it did. x:
I get the feeling I might do that quite a bit, I can't juggle with URLS well. <.<