Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lots of good stuff!!

One of my favorite stores ++Panda Express++ put in a Midnight Mania board today!
The lovely Kioko Kumaki totally hooking us up with one of her latest releases it takes 100 clicks to win Six pairs of Punky Plaidster Pants!! Kioko recently revamped the sim so if you haven't been go check it and explore! Its a really fun little area as you can see from my pics the backgrounds were taken there. And not to mention the other lovely shops which take residence, such as The Black Canary and Tarnished to name a couple.
Left: Panda Express - Fook Mi Cupcake hoodie (85L)
World Wide Industries - Stars Wornout tank (past gift I think)
Middle: Tarnished - Sunstraw Tank and Sweater (50L)
Right: Panda Express - Kawaii Animal Tank packs (6 for 250L)
Panda Express - Cupcake Headband (5 colors 125L)
The Pants are from the Panda Express MM board
Six colors included.
I picked up some really nice skins today top left is from Tarnished which is nearby Panda Express so definitely go check that out while your clickin that board. Its only 10L and it comes with a cute shape too. For 100L I picked up the hair in the last pic as well!

The lower set of skins above is a limited time freebie from a tiny Japanese store I was alerted to by my girl Serenity. There isn't much of a sign I looked up the creator and from what I can gather its called Numb, the pack "Amber" includes the 5 tones you see here. There are LOTS of other good freebie/dollarbie skins here, the top right skin called "Hal_Free" on the picture above also could be snagged for 0L.

Two more free skins above from Numb top: Yoru_Free, bottom: Yui_Free
Hair: Tarnished 100L
The Rest of the hair in this post I got from ::69:: which was having a 24 hour 50% off sale sorry this post is so late I'm not sure how much longer its going for. You may also want to know due to some thefts of hair ::69:: will start charging a group fee might be worth it to check if that's gone into effect yet or not if ::69:: is missing from your list.

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