Monday, June 8, 2009

Dum De Dum

Couple of lucky chair finds for you. :3

Two tattoos from the boards at Lya Seerose's new shop I <3 Rien. The 'Stand Proud' chest tattoo is designed for men, which is why it's a bit squished on my chest.
She has also set up a subscriber in store and will be sending out a pastie ribbon gift. :3

This is the new lucky board prize for Haven Designs. I've no idea what you call it but I figure you can wear it as a top or keep it for lingere. I like the design and the textures too much not to own it. x:

Tattoos - I <3 Rien - Lucky Boards
Lingere - - Lucky Board
Skin - L'Oring - Freebie
Bracelet - Iced - Storybook Hunt


Terry Toland said...

The LC item from HD is a camisk, I think, or a hybrid camisk-silk. I think it also works well as a swimsuit. :P

Trickett Nightfire said...

Hooray, I have a use for it, it is now a swimsuit. (x
I don't really know what camisks are. >.>

Anonymous said...

camisks is a Gorean thing, kind of like silks. But it looks more like a bathing suit too me than a camisk. HOOOO! I love those tats!! :-)