Thursday, June 18, 2009

Down the Rabbit Hole

I swear that's where I must have fallen these last few weeks... All hell broke loose when I was working on this post & some of these pics have been hiding on Blogger all this time. Plus, I missed out on Wrenja's blogger challenge to show off amazing art sims in SL. And that totally kills me, cause those kinds of sims are the reason I came to SL in the first place. :/ But - cross your fingers - the rollercoaster ride that is business life in SL is finally, hopefully calming down and I can get back to blogging a bit. Okay - on to fashion! I've got a lot of catching up to do...

I've told you before how crazy generous and inventive designer Quiver Quintessa is. Well, this month Mrs. Quintessa has signed up for nearly every grid wide hunt in all of SL! The new Nushru mainstore is just crawling with prizes! Plus, she's even got half a dozen prizes in the Lemania June Bug Hunt! She's got so many fabulous freebies out there, I can't possibly show them all! Seriously, I don't know how the girl does it.

Let's start off with a pile of wonderfully textured accessories. This set of pics was taken at AM Radio's The Red & the Wild. Everything AM Radio does is a must-see. So, go! See!

Scarf - (Nushru) Bohemian Harvest Scarf - $1L (June Bug #1)
Belt - (Nushru) Bohemian Harvest Waist Sash - $1L (June Bug #2)
Shoes - (Nushru) Bohemian Harvest Shoes - $1L (June Bug #3)

Belt - (Nushru) Elven Insight Belt - $1L (June Bug #4)
Purse - (Nushru) Elven Insight Handbag - $1L (June Bug #5)
Shoes - (Nushru) Elven Insight Shoes - $1L (June Bug #6)

Scarf - (Nushru) Forest Perspectives Stole - FREE (LWTCB Hunt #24)
Shoes - (Nushru) Forest Perspectives Shoes - FREE (LWTCB Hunt #24)

Next, it's time for a bit of fantasy. And what better place than Chakryn Forest to immerse yourself in some of SL's dreamiest artwork? This gorgeous Snow White inspired dress from the Bedtime Treasures Hunt left me searching for my dwarfs. The back of the corset top has beautiful details & it all comes with matching shoes!

Dress - (Nushru) Couture Snow White - FREE (Bedtime Treasures Hunt #3)

Need another fabulous ensemble? Check out the outfit Quiver made for Vendor Support Month. You get a shimmering party dress, with matching shoes & choker, for only $10L!

Dress - (Nushru) VSM Crystal Nymph in Lavender - $10L

Now, for the most insanely inventive outfit I've ever seen in any hunt ever! Since it's for the Through the Looking Glass Hunt, I headed down to the Wonderland sim for the perfect backdrop to Nushru's Cheshire Dress. You get, not just a cute little party dress....

Not just a ballgown....

But both the party dress & the ballgown with a Cheshire trick up its sleeve. Put on your dress and the specially scripted attachment and every 3 minutes, your dress giggles like a crafty cat and disappears, revealing your cute matching pants!

And it wouldn't be a Nushru giftie, if it didn't also come with cute matching shoes! Three cute outfits, a pair of stillettos, and one wicked little trick - all in one jam-packed little Looking Glass Prize- totally FREE!

Mr. Caterpillar & I have to spend a little time thinking about how Quiver came up with that one... Maybe by the time we get to the bottom of that fatty I'll figure out how she dreamed up the Fruity Head of Joy.

Hat - (Nushru) Fruity Head of Joy - FREE (GL OMG #130)

Talk about an awesomely crazy gift... (And what better setting for it than Nishi Beach?) This is brilliant! Not just a cute hat made of yummy fruit, no! It's also a game you can play with your friends!

Everyone puts on the hat and selects a different playing mode. You can pile on top of each other in Karate Kid poses, toss your friends around like ping pong balls, or create a tower & put everyone on your favorite dance HUD to see what happens! XD I was lucky enough to be one of the few to help Quiver & her husband Zaldaan test this out. We've got a record now of 9 avatars piled high, each dancing various forms of Irish jig. See how many you can stack & post your pics to the Nushru Flickr Pool. It's truly a scream and it's left me wondering what this mad genius will come up with next! :D

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