Friday, June 19, 2009

hay hay hay

Lots of goodies, and a few more previews for Hair Fair, in T-Minus seven hours and counting! Hot on the tail of Mochi pulling her gift skin a couple of creators have come out in protest, it does seem kind of shiesty to try and claim the idea of putting hearts on cheeks, I mean, are you going to sue every clown, club kid, and dolly fan who puts hearts on their cheeks? Really, its not an idea you can just claim.

So in response, you can find two 'heart cheeked' skins at Hotel Munster, one from I love 13, and another from Tacky Stars. The Tacky Stars skin is free for everyone and sitting in the doorway to the shop, while with the I love 13 skin, you must be a House of Munster group member, which has a 50L fee, but there are a lot of really nice gifts you get with that 50L fee.

The hair I'm wearing is another offering from +DV8+. Its called 'Fallen' and probably one of the my favorite among mohawks I've seen on the grid. Its going to be available at hair fair, and the cool thing about it, is that you can turn sideburns on and off, I have them off in these shots. Its just so fucking stylish, its like Robert Smith, if he were more punk, or just randomly shaved half of his head.

The jeans I'm wearing are pretty nice too, there are so many pairs of jeans on the grid, and how many do you really need right? The new lines at WoE are some of the nicest jeans I've come across, The bpyfriend jeans are natually, a little more baggy than the Kloe jeans, but both fit beautifully, and are definately worth checking out.

+Lika Ruby+ has a new group gift, this darling dress, with two skirt options, long and short, and available when you join the group. There is also another version of the top in the group's notices. If you've never been by before, this shop has lots of really adorable clothes which are totally inexpensive.

One of my faaaavorite jewelry shops (especially now that Violet has retired) Perturb/ATION has a new gift out in her shop, but only for a limited time, that lovely choker around my neck is one that is sitting on the table you see when you walk into the shop, and its totally and completely free. Annnyway, back to fiending for Hair Fair!

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