Saturday, June 20, 2009

Kiss and Swallow

you might have noticed recently, I really like House of Munster. Apparently House of Munster really likes me too! The Lovely Lolli Munster has created five new hairs for the Hair Fair this year and each one is ridiculous and fantastic, just like everything else that devious girl creates. She has short hair, long hair, and 'hawks to be claimed, and each is more fabulous than the last. The variety of looks you can get from the styles kills me, as you and really pull off a punky yet antiquated victorian look, to straight up punk rawk bitch.

Lolli's prices go like this, Solid color sets are 250L each, tipped sets are 400L, and her monster packs are 1k each. There are two monster packs available, a tipped monster pack, and a solid color monster pack.

If you aren't familiar with Lolli Munster's hair, she makes some of the most fun scripted hair on the grid. All of the hair in the shots except for the last one, are her scripted tipped hair, and depending on the hair, you have options to tip the bangs, the hair, a streak, you can make the hawk part of the hair different from the bangs, and the bangs different from the hair. Another great feature is that you can turn the mohawk on and off in some hair styles, so you can use these hairs in a huge variety of ways.

For the fair, Lolli has placed her Sprite hair as her Locks of Love donation hair, so when you buy it, half of the price of the hair goes directly to Locks of Love. This hair is so much fun, with three different areas to color, it looks great whether you're of the fae persuasion, or just really like spikey hair, and really, who doesn't like spikey hair? Its just so much fun to touch.

My favorite hair of the bunch I think is Nina though. Its long, funky, and comes with two hair pieces. A hairbow and a headband. It also has one of those awesome 'hawks that you can turn on and off. Another treat concerning this hair, is that the headband and barrette are color change as well. You can wear this hair so many ways its ridiculous, and I love it.

Between Axel, and this hair called 'Ballz 2 the Wallz' I'm pretty sure you've got your crazy hair covered. I love the risks this hair is willing to take and it totally works. Its another hair with a 'hawk that can be hidden. I wasn't too sure about this hair until I put it on, and it was love. With or without the mohawk, I love it. Its like a punk rock peacock, and how is that *not* cool?

But that's not all! Oh no, Lolli has updated the House of Munster group gifts. She's put out 'Buttons' and 'Rabid' a brand new mohawk for all you girls who fancy yourself a tank... you just like to shave your head. 'But Wrenja!' you might say. 'You showed us Buttons in your last big HoM post!' . I totally did, you are correct. BUT. Buttons has been updated, its now scripted colorchange just like the rest of Lolli's hair, AND, it now has nine colors available as opposed to the previous five.

I'm also willing to bet you've been oggling the skin I'm wearing. Well my darlings, this is also a new gift in Hotel Munster! The lovely Ikaru of one of my new favorite shops 'Violent Seduction' has dropped this for group members. She just released a new line of skins with some fantstic and vibrant makeups, and totally worth checking out. Like I've said before the entry fee to the House of Munster Group is 50L, but it is so worth it, I can hardly believe it.

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