Friday, June 19, 2009

Trevor Brown at The Hotel Dare

So posting once a day might be unlikely until they fix the stupid game and I can TP, rez things, load contents and walk. I call it a game when it annoys me. :3 It looks like another day with ye olde Sims2 at this rate.

Anyway, thank you to Nebula Quandry of informing me of the new exhibit at The Hotel Dare. It's based on the work of provocative artist, Trevor Brown and his work is pretty macabre. I'd advise anyone who prefers not to see work based on sexual imagery, mutilation, etc. to avoid the exihbit area and artist website but not necessarily The Hotel Dare itself.
For the exhibit there's a free avatar available based on one of Mr. Brown's pieces.
The outfit is by Katat0nik, the shape and skin are by Milk Motion and the dollarbie pose is by Sunflower Poses. There is also a matching pig-tail hair available at Schadenfreude, although it isn't free.

I now live in the doctor's surgery. It's impossible to TP and stay out. I'm attempting to make friends with the deer outside. He has stopped running away from me and has proceeded to head-butt me.
Having said that I did manage to escape and take pictures in my Patchwork skybox this morning in the hope of avoiding some lag and women with bars ten metres in front of their face for 'facelights'.

Outfit / 2nd Avatar - Hotel Dare Trevor Brown Exhibit
If you didn't read the post (which is fine but this is important) I advise anyone who prefers not to see mutilation and sexual themes in artwork to not visit this exact location. This dress is taken from Trevor's artwork and may associate you with it so be aware if you wear it anyway.

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Hempy Weezles said...

ooo you beat me to this one :D I was planning a post but, snooze you loose I guess!! Great shots!! love the second one especially