Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Head Gear

On Wren - Motor Head Stars 'n Stripes (dirty) -500L
On Gier - Motor Head Black-Red (dirty) - 500L
Motor Head comes with two helmets, clean and dirty, dust mask, and goggles
in various positions (around neck, on eyes, etc.)

It is a rare occasion you find a creator that just makes your jaw drop. One that makes things look so amazing, all you can do is stare. A few months ago when Pru and I were screwing around on the Cioccolata sim when it was brand new, and I came upon a little shop. This shop contained what are arguably some of the most amazing hats you'll find anywhere on the grid. So this is my open love letter to Fade Dana, of the amazing store Hat Mechanic.

Maus set - 500L
Comes with both hats, bandaid, eye patch, neck collar, and more

Her hats run the gauntlet, from Tank Girl fangirlism to fairy tales, to creepy mask hats that remind me of the outer church demons from the cult classic comic series The Invisibles. Its not just that they are creative, every part about them is carefully crafted, every detail tended to. You can easily marvel over the detail she puts in her work, from the textures, to the ridiculous amount of acessories and variations that come with every hat.

Medusa set - 500L
Medusa comes with multiple caps, three sets of goggles, and a dust mask

She doesn't just make hats either, she makes boots, and braces(for teeth, but she could probably rock out some leg braces no problem), and awesome little bandaids, then there are the items like her Asthma inhaler and my beloved switchblade. Oh how I love my switchblade. I love it so much, almost more than I love Fade... almost. The switchblade is a special case, it not only comes with a hud for pulling the blade, but it flicks open, you can stab with it, and when you're done? Just slip it back in your pocket. It is no doubt in my top ten of favorite items over all for everything in SL.

Medusa set - 500L
Switchblade (black) - 300L
Medusa comes with multiple caps, three sets of goggles, and a dust mask

Then there is the Asthma inhaler. If you're really looking to make your avatar as real to life as possible, this is it. You wear it around your neck, it has animations for taking a dose, as well as the fact that this amazing piece of work gives you actual attacks, right down to the heavy breathing sound. Its just an example of the care and dedication Ms. Dana has to creating quality work, and I personally, eat it up.

Nautilus set -500L
Nautilus comes with a diving helmet, and strap options, its hard to explain this one

Back to her hats though, they really are her crowning glory. The first time I saw them I couldn't believe it. I didn't actually think they were for sale, or if they were, they couldn't possibly look as amazing as they did in the ads. But I sucked it up and took a chance, and was greatly rewarded. My collection of her work has grown exponentially since that first hat was purchased, and I haven't regretted a single linden spent.

Lilith (gold above, black below) - 500L each
Lilith comes with a detatchable plume, and two versions of the helmet

Seriously, click on the pictures to look at them at full size, so you can really see some of the details on these hats, they're fantstic.


Hempy Weezles said...

Great post! omg must have the minnie helmet <3 :o~~~

Narita said...

love the pics - great job! :D