Monday, June 22, 2009


Edit: I took the pictures on a laptop I don't normally use, and the pink lighting didn't come off so severe, the skin is black and white and the gothic lolita dress, is black with white trim, I was surprised when I loaded the blog after getting home to see they looked neon xD

I'm a big fan of Curious Kitties, just in general. The name can be misleading, a lot of people think *neko* when they hear the name 'Curious Kitties'. Which is fair enough, they do sell ears and tails and cat skins, but they also have great clothes, hair and non-neko skins. The store is huge and can be intimidating, but they have a wall of freebies, and recently, new gifts have been added to it, you can find it near the drop point in the store, just cam around it'll be on the side wall.

This year Curious Kitties has a shop at hair fair, and I have to say, Curious kitties hair is among my favorite on the grid. Its playful and adorable, on top of that, its totally affordable. They've has recently released her newest line of hair, and its pretty unique. In the past she had scripted colorchange hair for 200L, and you got nine colors with that, now, you buy the hair for around 100L, depending on style, and then, you buy color HUDs for the colors you want. These color HUDs aren'n just for hair though, this will be adjusting color for ears, tails and accessories as well.

The color HUDs come in various forms. there are 'lite' HUDs, which come with four colors, and retail for 100L, and there is the Full hud, which has EVERY color (33 of them) for 700L. I personally adore this idea, this way you can get all the hair you want, and if you only want it in black->white, you get them super cheap, but if you'd like to get the reds too, you're only paying 100L once for the reds hud. (or 700L once for all of the colors). Obviously this isn't economical if you aren't a big fan of CK hair, but for those of use who *are* (hi, me.) its brilliant. No more buying fat packs, or packs of blacks and reds and whites, just one hair, and one, to a few HUDs.

Curious Kitties has four hairstyles available this year at Hair Fair, one of which is free! All of these hairs follow the new HUD coloring system, except for the locks of love donation hair. the LoL hair is ridiculous and I'm totally in love with it. Its a whole lot of look, but completely fun to wear at the same time. The Curious Kitties Shop is totally worth checking out, especially if you've never been before because of the Neko connection.

The new freebies in their main store are pretty varied, a couple of dresses, a pant outfit and then, one of their cat skin sets. It comes complete with tail, ears, whiskers, eyes and a shape. It seems pretty unique in terms of neko/kitty gear, most nekos are just human with ears and tails, but thsi is really kitty, without looking super Anthro. I thought the eyes were pretty cool, just how they mix in with the fur parts of the skin.


Alvena Weezles said...

I've just discovered Curious Kitties @ the Hair Fair as well. The 'Bia' hair is my current fav hair atm, SO COOL. I think it's cool that they actually exhibit the skirts on mannequins in the shop. It shows how the skirt when worn, which i think is awesome since sometimes in pictures it can look different when worn.

Wrenja said...

totally! I love CK, their hair is totally one of my favorites, and I'm so excited about their new hud coloring system. Fewer scripts, less lag, and great hair, what more can you ask for.