Friday, June 26, 2009

Fishy Strawberry Skins

(Or my titles are brilliant. ._.)
This gift's been in my inventory for a few days, I only just opened it yesterday. It's so awesome I had to blog it. I expect most people are already in the Fishy Strawberry subscribe-o-matic but for anyone who isn't they make some rather amazing clothes and have moved onto skins. I took photos of all tones because there's only three. It still took a while. <.<

The tan tone. (I'm like everyone else. :D Sort of.)

The dark tone. (Wow, I have boobs. >.>)

The pale tone. (Back shot so you can see the pretty details.)

I think they have quite a Curio/Redgrave feel and the lips are pretty different in an awesome kind of way. :3

Skins - Fishy Strawberry - Subscribe-o-matic Gift
Green Bikini - MichaMi - New Store Limited Gift

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