Monday, June 29, 2009

It's close to midnight

The Harem Of Munster is at it again, and this time you get notice ahead of time. The idea was originally Lolli's, so we took it and ran with it. Tonight at roughly 8 pm SLT we'll be meeting up at Hotel Munster to do our own version of Michael Jackson's Thriller and just party like the rockstars that we are. This is our way of honoring a true artist, as well as continuing on with our constant demand of, you know, having fun.

Other than partying with three of the most awesome people on SL, our favorite Ikaru made a special dress which will be avilable to all attendees, and considering the turn out for our Pimp Ball, I'm almsot positive there will be other creators on hand passing out goodies to all willing participants.

So find your *best* zombie skin, and be at House of Munster at 8 pm SLT, cause really, our parties... are the ones you want to be at ;D

1 comment:

Alvena Weezles said...

goddamn time difference and work >.<
not gonna wish you guys lots of fun, coz i KNOW you WILL :D