Friday, June 19, 2009

Lots of Love for Locks of Love

OMG, so I was talking to designer Morgan Kincess of Digital Eyes today about Relay for Life, cause she's the team leader of United Forces Against Cancer. And then she drops 3 Fatpacks of hair on me! :O Turns out this sweetie is in the Hair Fair! Woohoo! And, yes, I'm totally watching the clock.... only 2 1/2 hours left!

You wouldn't know it, but this is Morgan's first time making hair. I know, I'm shocked, too! And, for a first-timer, this hair is pretty freaking hot, I gotta say... I mean, just check out my buns! I'm so loving these. Adorable, sleek & badass all at the same time.

I've paired the Digital Eyes hair with clothing from the lazy sale at SYSY's. She's got a bunch of great casual looks marked down to just $99L. I spent an hour just trying to decide which colors to get.

Hair - Digital Eyes * Anna double buns * Black
Outfit - SYSY's Sy Style v.2 - darkgrey - $99L

This next hair style is the design for Locks of Love. Every designer in this year's Hair Fair is donating 50% of the proceeds from one style to the incredible charity Locks of Love. And this one from Digital Eyes is really fabulous! Makes me feels like a fierce lioness when I wear it. I want to kick cancer's ass all by myself - ROWR!

Hair - Digital Eyes * Dina Ponytail * Black
Bikini - SYSY's Strap bikini - red - $69L

This last style is probably my favorite overall. So slick & sexy. I've paired it with this bikini I found on SYSY's Xstreet account. This one only cost $35L and there are loads more in other colors & styles for dirt cheap!

Hair - Digital Eyes * Fayandria Ponytail * Black
Bikini - SYSY's beachwear-trianglebikini-violet - $35L

I caught you scoping out my jewelry in that last pic. Can't blame you. It's the new set I made for Relay for Life & it's fabulous, if I do say so myself XD

The RFL campaign ends in just about a month, so please kittens, it's time to dig deep and give every last Linden you can to help fight cancer! Nearly every designer in SL has at least one donation kiosk in their store. The United Forces Against Cancer team has some of the best designers in all of SL offering up some of their best work for the cause. So, you'll get something amazing and gorgeous for the money you donate.

This hand-beaded jewelry set I've made is totally packed with goodies, so you'll be getting a huge bang for your Linden buck! You get a Necklace, Earrings, Anklets, Bracelets & a Belly Chain. All for just $200L! It's a freaking steal & you know it. So, come on down to my little shop, give generously & come away dripping in gold. You'll feel awesome just knowing you did a good thing.

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