Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Storybook Hunt I've Procrastinated For A Week

So, as we've probably noticed there's a hundred and one GW hunts on at the minute. Hopefully I'll get a preview or two for TTLG up in the next couple of days but for today I have some Storybook previews. I'm guessing that if you've done any of the hunts, you've probably done this one because it's the shortest. x: But for people who haven't here's a couple of the items available. There's a lot more clothes, an enitre house, some furniture and even a dancefloor. I'm afraid I don't think I'm going to be able to blog the larger hunts because there's just too much in them, I still have ghosts and four hundred globes in my inventory somewhere. :/

All clothing and accesories pictured are on the hunt.

And some stuff for the guys. Taken five hours later so the lighting's slightly different. (x The hair is a guys hair so it won't fit so awesomely on women, I found, or maybe I just have a weird head.

Storybook Hunt starts here. If you're looking for specific stores I advise you to use search or this helpful website. I'm kind of tired and hungry so I suspect there'll be SLURL mix-ups anyway. <.<

Photo 1
Pink Dress - Avantmelon - Storybook 12
Shoes - Vanity Designs Inc - Storybook 50
Photo 2
Black/Green Dress - 4eva Gutia - Storybook 5
Cassette Necklace - Cat Crap - Stroybook 1
Shoes - Nushru - Storybook 95
Photo 3
Purple Dress - Goth1co - Storybook 47
Tattoos - Ultra Kitty - Storybook 58
Bracelets - Hooligan - Storybook 16
Photo 4
Green Dress - Blue Blood 24
Shoes - Nushru - Storybook 95
Photo 5
Pink Dress - Pididdle - Storybook 83
Photo 6
Black/Blue Dress - Cat Creations - Storybook 82
Necklace - 7 Deadly Prism - Storybook 46
Bracelets - Hooligan - Storybook 16
Photo 7
Hair - Tonic - Storybook 55
Tattoos - Ultra Kitty - Storybook 58
Shirt - Euphoria - Storybook
Jeans - Afflicted - Storybook 74
Shoes - Tango New York - Storybook 87
Bracelets - Hooligan - Storybook 16
Bag - Atomic Cherry - Storybook 41

Trees used throughout are from number 96, BloodMyst. Cropping doesn't show them very well but they are awesome. x:

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