Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Scored at Volt!!

I stopped into Volt today and was pleasantly surprised to find the lucky chair updated! I stalked the chair for a while to no avail. A friend came to bump a chair and the prizes are trans!! YaY I got the Hair .. then of course the chair started to give it up. After a little while longer I had scored the whole lot. Oh hell just check out the goods!!!

First check out that hair! Its scripted to color change and has a plethora of different colors and then choices of shades on top of that! *Squee with Glee*

The outfit on the left consists of Skull hoodie prize & Bottoms Trio "Music lover" which consists of jean hot pants, leggings and open toe aqua pumps.

On the right I'm wearing the Kawaii Panda Outfit which includes the shoes.

Everything pictured I won at Volt! Its four different lucky chair prizes so get your stalk on!!

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