Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Git'cha Hiney to Hal*Hina!!

haha.. OK Corny topic today but hey at least I'm posting! I've been going through a lot lately which has been making it hard to find inspiration in game. The other night I finally got over to Hal*Hina to sit my virtual butt in a couple camp chairs. The prizes aren't new but I've had my eye on them for a while just never got around to going. There are some nice group gifts to be had in addition to lucky boards!
Left to Right: From Hal*Hina - Ivory FUWA tunic 170L, Knit Bolero's (Ivory and Black both shown here) group gift, Light blue lace dress 20 min group camp prize, Ivory Zipper dress 20 min group camp prize, Hair on far right another Hal*Hina group gift Sepia mesh hair Kate, the stockings pictured with the color change ribbon are free by the door near the Bolero's.
Make sure to explore the store thoroughly there are three or more lucky boards spread out in the different rooms. The one on the high sign in the clothing room has a purple version of the dress on the left, I couldn't get lucky but maybe you can!
Hair on the far left is a group gift from Mirone till the end of the month, and the headband is scripted to change color on click.

Aren't these eyes fabulous?
They are called "Endless Summer" and they are free from Poetic Color Eyes!! Hurry before they are gone.

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