Friday, June 26, 2009


+++Blue Blood+++ had a new release recently, 'Freedom'. As you can stand to imagine, its gothy and lolita-ish, but totally gorgeous as well. If you're in the group, you can get it in a group exclusive color, as shown in the photos, as well as get the fatpack half price. Not bad. It comes with two skirt options, and I'm on the floor for the open skirt, I adore it. I'm generally not huge on full skirts, but the bustle on the full skirt is so fab, I can hardly deal with it. It comes with boots too, how can you complain about that?

I've paired it up with 'Natsumi' in black from Diversity hair, which is available at Hair Fair and Tacky Star's 'Translucent Angel' skin, which you can find in shop. In the first shot you'll also see a dog collar, a free gift from Violent Seduction in Iki's main shop. The skin is so worth checking out, the veins on it are incredible, and its totally lovely... and creepy. Just how I like things.

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