Friday, June 26, 2009

Share That Beat of Love

Okay, so, I'm not going to try to act like I'm the biggest Michael Jackson fan in world, but when I was a kid... Dude was a giant.

I can't even tell you how many hours my friends and I spent sitting out on the stoop, with my little cassette player, listening to Thriller over and over and over and over... We knew every word by heart. And every time he performed or released a new video, we ran out the next day and practiced every move. I know this is true, not just for the kids on my block, but for kids all around the world, who grew up listening to his music.

I won't attempt to comment on the controversies of his later years. I just wanna celebrate the life of that fresh faced kid on TV with the best dance moves, perfect pop tunes, loads of soul, mountains of talent and a love of sequins. So much of what he created in his youth - from the soaring Motown anthems, to the booty shakin' Disco jives, to the 80s-defining Pop - stands the test of time, and frankly beats the crap out of the flaming shite on the radio today. His contributions to American music are immortal.

Deep thanks to all of the designers who have been passing out Michael Jackson-inspired gifts today. Personal favorite is this set of poses from Sugar Mill. You can find them in a giftie box set out by the entrance - totally FREE.

Poses - Sugar Mill - RIP Michael Jackson... - FREE

NOT free:
Hair - booN NMR32 hair black small
Skin - [Rockberry] Uma E Natural Dk Brows
Glasses -
NiVEN - Sunglasses in Black
Top -
{Gisaci} Hoja Top - Black 1
Pants -
Mimikri - Star/Sequin Pants silver
Shoes -
Armidi Gisaci - Vidalia Pump - Metallic Silver

Ok, now I have to share something else with you. You see, where I come from, when a celebrity who has brought us joy passes away, we don't really mourn them. We celebrate them. And celebrate my city did, last night in front of the world famous Apollo Theater in Harlem. Check out this spontaneous gathering. And then check out the original. Double dog dare you not to sing along & do a little chair dancing. I already know you know all the words. ;D

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Emerald Wynn said...

Amen and great perspective. Thank you.