Saturday, June 13, 2009

sticky sweet

*Sugar* has some new stuff for you in the lucky chairs and they now have a Midnight Mania with this amazing red number in it. It was ridiculously fortuitous for me, as right before I arrived at *Sugar* I'd been getting a hankering to go to Little Girl and drop some coin on their amazing fantasy military garb, specifically the red set. So, this dress works perfectly, and the little butt frills make me squeal.

That fan behind me is gorgeous no? It's the Vendor Support Month item from Pffiou! so that means, its only 10L for an awesome posing fan. Its modify too! So if you just want to make the pose balls invisible and have it as a decoration piece, you can totally do that too, which is hot! I get so weak for amazing posing items, I'm totally in love with it.

Back to *Sugar* though. Other than the Midnight Mania, there are two lucky chairs, each with a new item in it, including the Nyaan set shown above. There is a cute black sweater set with matching skirt as well. The skin I'm wearing, I got when I finally jumped over to Little Girl after stalking the chairs at *Sugar*. The lucky chair now has three items in it, including this pretty pretty skin! There is a cookie chair, and flower as well, but who cares SKIN! Yay xd
Little Girl skin 'Weep' - Lucky Chair prize

Anyway, I'm off to spend the weekend with my best friend, so I'll see you later! Don't forget to run up to the HQ and grab the goodies to be had, because we close it tomorrow night!


Anonymous said...

You can also just type hide in local chat to hide the poseballs :D !
Thanks so much for blogging about my item ^^

Wrenja said...

no problem sweets :D