Friday, June 26, 2009

Smooth Criminals

So, if you're in the Love/Hate Hivemind or the House of Munster groups, you might have received a notice about a Pimp's Ball hosted by the Harem of Munster last night. That's right, we were up to mischief again, renaming Pink Fuel as 'Pimp Fuel' and taking on as many tricks and hoes as we could muster. We had a huge show of people, including a pile of designers who were giving out all kinds of presents to attendees, and a Violent Seduction dress for every person who showed up.

Other than Myself, Ikaru and Aura, we were graced by designers like Airedine poe of Adore & Abhor, Heather Connolley of Fukmi, Solstice of *Mimic*, Mimi Therian of Freezepop and... god I'm sure I'm forgetting people, not like I want to, but there were SO many. So, next time you hear word of a Harem of Munster party, you best get your behind over here and get in on the festivities, otherwise its your fault, not ours.

Luckily, this time that pimpin' lolita dress is available to you, in the Violent Seduction group. Which is a group you should definitely check out, as Ikaru's dolly dresses are among my favorite on the grid, she's so good it hurts.

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