Saturday, June 13, 2009

Change is in the wind

The lovely Aikea of The Plastik has graced the super awesome Love/Hate HQ with a brand new box of goodies, stuffed with lots of fun stuff to keep you busy. I'm absolutely smitten with the top in the box, and the bracelet I'm wearing... and the dog tags, and did I mention there are like... 5039543 pairs of eyes? xD There is a lot more in the box, and its only 1L, sitting up in the HQ for you to claim.

Speaking of our HQ, its going to be closing come sunday night. All good things must come to an end, and my friend is selling the land, so its time to move. Do not stress my lovelies, it will be back, and it will be better than ever, and I promise you, its worth being excited about. So, if you HAVEN'T been to the Love/Hate HQ, you should definitely check it out, as the exclusive White and Red edition of the Katat0nik Ghostfire dress is hiding up there, along with a slew of other amazing gifts just begging to live in your inventory. Don't dawdle, because come Sunday night, it will be closing, but greater things are yet to come!

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