Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Trick Take-Over

Everyone seems to be exceptionally busy and as I openly admit to having no life I'm going to attempt at least one post a day. Le gasp. o: This could be harder than it sounds, I sleep a lot and I think I just spent an hour playing with camera angles and clouds. Clouds! In the end I decided no-one cares about my clouds but I'm going to do some photography research on them anyway...

Mochi of Pink Fuel decided to replace her original group gift due to a few legal complications. I understand there's a lot of disscusion on inspiration vs. copying vs. downright stealing, so for Mochi, the decision to replace the original Fafi inspired skin she had was probably the least complicated option. One thing that did strike me was that she was told she "can no longer put hearts on the cheeks of [her] skins", which I think is kind of rediculous. Certain attributes such as a heart make-up may definitely have associations with one artist however the heart is a universal symbol and dolls often have rosey cheeks, it's not completely outlandish to think that another artist who's never seen the first's work could come up with the idea on thier own.
Another aspect is that with the increase in 'doll-culture' in SL, there's going to be a lot of people wanting to make Fafi-inspired avies and I don't think you can stop the creation of skins with hearts on the cheeks.
Feel free to post your opinions, I kind of like discussion and knowing what other people's thoughts are on the subject, sometimes they're more accurate than mine. <.<

Skin - Pink Fuel - Subscriber Group Gift


Eliza Wrigglesworth said...

Whoever was first in putting a heart on the cheeks of their skins got their inspiration from somewhere else. It's not original by any means.

If I had any Photoshop skills at all (your clouds are cool btw), I'd get out my Sezmra PSDs and plaster hearts on them to give out for free just to piss off whoever is claiming this as their own.

Dane said...

I think it's ridiculous that someone made Mochi take down her group gift, which can't be easy to create in the first place, just because it had a heart on each cheek! They're probably just jealous because Mochi's looks better and was out for free, while theirs wasn't selling worth c**p. If Mochi got her inspiration from a RL source, there's no reason she can't use that inspiration on one of her creations. =_=

And your clouds look nifty, Trickett. =)

okrebecca said...

Huh what how now brown cow? Whatever the issues relating to Mochi's skin, we all know her intent was not malicious...I see tons of Eloh mods that all look the same the heart cheeks was a nice change of pace.

Atriel Starbrook said...

What's next.. no cheek moles, no red lipstick, omg your freckle is in the same place as my freckle!

I do not believe something like a hearts placed on a skin can be owned by any one person.. if you can do so yourself in RL you can do so in SL. If the heart is the exact same as someone elses, and in the same place.. that's different... but on it's own.. there has to be another reason she was asked to take it down (or she simply complied to avoid an argument which she'd win hands down anyway)

Trickett Nightfire said...

Thanks for your responses everyone. :3

Incase anyone didn't see it, Mochi released a Fafi-inspired skin as a group gift a few days ago. Fafi's an arist who puts hearts on the cheeks of her characters, I hadn't heard of her before this. x: She's not actually a doll-y artist, that was kind of my assumption. x: But she does seem to be a pop-icon.
The skin was blogged on Freestyle and probably a few other blogs (see how well I'm keeping up with everyone? x: ) so I didn't get around to it and I didn't add it to this post because I could see a few confused 'Hi, where is the heart skin from' posts.
Somebody's obviously piped up claiming intellegtual infringement issues so she's replaced it with an equally lovely watermelon-themed skin. If you join the subscribo for the skin you get a NC about it.
If Mochi had taken the hearts directly from a Fafi image it would be understandable but I find it hard to belive the owner of Pink Fuel can't draw hearts. x:

Ezerbet Nitschke said...

I don't know Mochi personally, but I adore her products and think it's ridiculous that she was harassed about her Fafi skin to the point of being told she couldn't put hearts on the cheeks of ANY skin EVER.

Aura Falta, the owner of Tacky Star, has put out a free "Heart Cheek says fuck you" skin in support of Mochi.

In the notice she said:

"So I thought it was pretty dick, the whole situation with heart cheeks from Pink Fuel. Mochi is such a sweetie! I can never imagine her doing wrong. So, in her honor, I have made a skin that happens to have hearts on the cheeks, because no one owns that concept. Come and get it, its free ^_^."