Monday, August 31, 2009

Alternative styles!? Let me take off my pants.

Alt styles?! AM I DOING IT RIGHT?

Just kidding.

So I'm trying to steer clear of blogging my own dresses, and then I realized that it's what I wear for the most part; so you'll have to deal with me mixing and matching like crazy because it's what I do.
Let me point out that by being part of the "Alternative" fashion group, I am entitled to wear whatever the hell I want.

That being said, here's me in my underwear:

Corset - Kyoot - White Stripes Austere Corset - 90L
Panties and Garter - Hollee - Debauchery set - 90L

Walking around in your underwear is one of SL's sweet sweet benefits and you should do it more often. People who ridicule you because you have no pants are stupid and obviously not as cool as you, especially if you're wearing this sweet corset and extremely strange shirt from Kyoot.

A very wise but scantily clad friend of mine referred me to the shop Lingerie by Hollee where I proceeded to purchase everything due to the fact that it was terribly underpriced and she deserves it. The texture work is amazing, and it gave me another excuse to walk around with no pants on. I'd show you the back of the panties, but I'm a little worried about what you'd think about the realistic butthole on this skin from My Ugly Dorothy.... That is another story.

And finally, what I really wanted to show is this:

Loulou@co - Pistolero - 200L

"What is that?" You say?! That's a garter gun yo. You use it to cap people for looking at your realistic butthole that you accidently discovered one day on your favourite skin.

If you also want to shoot someone, for any reason; you need this garter gun from LouLou&co. It made me super happyface when I found it, and it should make you feel that way too.