Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Steampunk Luv at the Cyber&SteamPunk Festival!

The Steam/Cyber Punk Festival just kicked off on August 8Th, I ran over soon as I heard and found so much steampunk love all I could do is squeeee. Tonight August 12th 6pm slt there will be a Pink Floyd Tribute Band Concert in case you wanna go check that out. Lots of great quality designers to see, and some absolutely CANNOT life without gifts.

'Steampunk Hempy'

Take a minute and admire this exquisite piece of craftsmanship by the amazing Nix Sands its called "Xcentricity Airship Pipe" its yours free if you click the sign in front of the Xcentricity shop at the Festival. It wont take you right to it you will have to follow the Beacon. Now if that isnt enough included with the pipe is a LM to Xcentricity Mainstore and a picture of MONSTRO The huge airship hat pictured below you can pick up FREE at the mainstore. Zomg.

Xcentricity Steampunk Lurve.
The glasses go up and down by click! <3

Top: Silly Craft from Four Winds find it HERE free at the Festival follow the beacon
Top right: Table (gives wine) from Julia Collection find it HERE for 1L at the festival also find a Victorian dress and bonnet next door at M'Lady's I forgot to photograph :(
Bottom: This thing is cool! haha Steampunk Laptops in Color or Sepia! Steampunk Pro its called and you can find it right around there I didn't get the direct slurl for this one.
There is also some free Good's by the stop in point I didn't find till today so I haven't even gotten to look at it yet but it looked interesting. I'll leave you with the upcoming events and happenings for the rest of the Festival! Happy Cyber/Steam Punkin'Out!
August 12th @ 6pmslt - Pink Floyd Tribute band concert
August 14th @ 7pmslt - Fashion Show featuring some of the latest styles from our vendors
August 22nd @ 6pmslt - Weapons Tourney
August 28th - Festival Ending with a Gala Costume Ball

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