Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Naughty Little Lollies

Top news for today is that we have a new creator in the Creator Spotlight at the Love/Hate HQ, for the next two weeks we'll be hosting Tacky Star as Aura releases her new Lolligagger line of skins! In the HQ you'll find some of the skins, the fatpack, as well as some of our favorite eyes and tattoos. You'll also notice the singular skins are 20% off! That's 200L as opposed to 250! Take advantage of this deal while you can, as it'll only be around for the length of her stay in our Creator Spotlight.

I thought I'd pair the skins with some of my favorite freebie Jewelry available on the grid right now. Aaaaaand the other day when I was doing my pre-CSR shopping, I found a whole pile of free hair from Curious kitties. I'm wearing jewelry by everyone from Jodiefied Designs to *Staged* to a designer I'd never heard of named Nebulosus Severine. Nebulosus has a vendor up in the Nomine shop, over with the new Gypsy line of clothing, and all of her necklaces are available for 1L, though she appreciates it if and when you decide to pay more. The gems are gorgeous, and I admired them in the Gypsy clothing line ads while shopping, and was delighted to find them so generously priced.

Curious Kitties is being aggressive in trying to get you to adopt their new hair line. I *love* their hair, and said before 'if you only like one style, the price is questionable' (100L per hair, and 100L per color hud, or 700L for the full color hud). Well they have FOUR free gift hairs in the new style, one of which has been previously blogged as it was part of the Hair Fair Festivities. But other than that, there are THREE other styles, absolutely free sitting upstairs in the hair section. I got so excited about it, and I'm absolutely in love with the pigtails.

Another thing going on with Tacky Star, is that Aura is offering a free version of one of her Lolligagger skins, if you can quote 'The Room' in IM to her. Her full name is Aura Falta, and is ready and waiting to give you a skin if you can meet her challenge. Its a variation on the 'Stitched Mistress' skin, with red accents as opposed to teal, and is as fab as all the rest. So go get freebies, and cheapies, and take advantage of the great deal Aura has on her skins exclusively at the Love/Hate HQ!

Tacky Star 'Lolligagger' skin (Aura) - Free if you can meet Aura's challenge

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