Friday, August 7, 2009

Reveal Your Fortune

Fifty Linden Friday has begun! As you've probably heard, a bunch of stores in SL will be setting out special items every Friday, for just $50L. This week, 6 of your favorites are participating, and every week the list of shops will be different. You've got till Midnight on Saturday to take advantage of these great deals. So, don't miss out!

Dress - This is a Fawn - Francophile Dress [grey] - $50L
Hair - ETD Flapper - Ebony - $20L

This dress from This Is a Fawn is my favorite from the sale. Adorable, sexy, casual & versatile - everything I look for in an outfit. Plus, it comes with 2 different skirt options: solid & polka dots. It's a bargain within a bargain. Love it!

Dress - This is a Fawn - Francophile Dress [grey - polka dots] - $50L
Shoes - ETD Shoes: d'Orsay Stiletto (Red) - $1L

The shoes & hair are from the Discount Room at ETD that I mentioned yesterday. Another set of those perfect stilettos. And that hair - $20L for the mega-fat pack! So many shades, I can't even count them all. There are TONS of styles available - even a few for guys. You gotta stock up.

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