Monday, August 17, 2009

Off with her Haaaair

This was originally going to be a hair post, but then I ended up with more, so starting up today with a 50L gift from Red Queen. This is exclusively on Xstreet as far as I know, but probably the best deal on Red Queen hair you're ever going to find, for a normal color at least. It's only available in black, and only for a limited time, so even if it's your last 50L, you will no regret this purchase.
Next up, we have a new group gift from Curious Kitties. More black hair, this time with a side of highlights. This isn't the new color change hair (sadface) but its still pretty cute regardless, and honestly, you can't complain about free. You'll find it in the usual spot you get group gifts, just wear your tag and hit the board.

Wrapping up today's post, is the Schadenfreude gifts from the Starlust Panty Raid. I am not kidding when I say these are among the hardest of all clams to find in the hunt, and you'll quite possibly go crazy trying, but a little bit of crazy is worth it for some of the cutest undies on the grid, not to mention that smashing black and white corset. Yum.

Hints? Well, this is directly from the Schadenfreude group notecard about the event... and take a look at the pictures above, they could lead you in the right direction.

'For an ever so mild cheat sheet, because I love you: there are 4 of my clams on each of Lloyd, Floyd, Horst, Harold, and Gaylord. The bras and undies for each Electro-cute are hidden on the same sim, often in somewhat close proximity. The sims with Electro-cutes have 2 hat clams each, the other 2 sims have 3 hat clams and the fourth are the manties or corset.'

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