Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Latex from DV8!

DV8 just released some new smoking hot latex called Geishurai. Here I am modeling it with some of the DV8 Models! These are some of the ladies who greet you when you stop by the shop. They are live models so they provide customer service along with eye candy, one of the many things I love about DV8.

From Left to Right
On Pyra: Geishurai in Black/Blood (similar color as in the Riotvendor)
On Hempy: Aquanaught/Black and Black/Aquanaught Get these two sets in the Riotvendor along with Merlot/Black and Black/Merlot for the low price of 80L!! No wai.
On MaxHeadrom2000: Black/Violaceous this set is available for a limited time in the Midnight Mania board!! This never lasts too long so hurrrrry!
Maxi's Boots are also on sale for a short time in front of the MM board for 1L!
Not-Free/Sale Items
Pyra: Juju Hair - Carbon Black, New Hedonist Mask, Juju Boots - Black
Hempy: Dreadful Glow Hair - Carbon Black, Dreadful Hair - Aquanaught, Girly Cyberheart, Marchioness Boots - Aquanaught
On Maxi: Geisha hair Carbon - Black, Chained Heart Choker
DV8 - For all your Glowing Cyberfabulousness!

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Elliandra Parx said...

Rocking out at DV8. Guess I need to get over there soon.