Monday, August 10, 2009


This will probably be the last of the Skipping Stones posts from Love/Hate unless someone else makes one, cause this is my last SS post. The Hunt Started this morning at 6 am, and showered upon me 61 fantastic gifts, each more amazing than the last. If these don't convince you, I dunno what will.

Second Spaces 'Conversation Porch'
Nacht Music 'Red Plaid Modern Couch'
Surf Couture 'I'm a little Bit Country set' (with hat and wheat & shirt)
RC Cluster 'Retro Bugger' sunglasses
Duh! Grey Work Boots
RC Cluster Picnic Basket & bubble tea (on table)

The number one item for me in the flickr pool was the Acid & Mala red tartan dress. Its so insanely cute, I can hardly stand it. Of course I probably love it because its pink, and tartan... and beautiful. The textures on this dress are bar none, and comes with the cutest stockings, its more than definitely going into heavy rotation in my wardrobe.

inorite 'Jacks' hair (with hat)
Acid & Mala 'Red Tartan' minidress
Second Spaces 'Conversation Porch'

The furniture in this hun is insane, and from some of the best furniture stores on the grid, Second Spaces, M.Fox, even Frop has put out an adorable trundle bed, with piles of sits and lays in it, man, I wanted a trundle bed so bad when I was little. I don't even know why, but that need is totally fulfilled now. Designers have been so generous with this hunt, you can't not do it, so get started!

Frop! 'Daydreaming' Trundle Bed with desk
inorite 'Jacks' hair (with hat)
Tyranny Designs 'the songbird is bound' shoulder pet
Tyranny Designs 'Polka Dancer' lingerie set

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