Friday, August 14, 2009

Yesterday, I had a creator tell me what wonderful customers L/H readers are. I was ecstatic, it made me so proud of you kids, and glad that we have such a great community. Good children get presents, so yesterday I dropped an exclusive pose from my forth coming line (when I finally get around to opening a shop) based around Tank Girl, and other bad ass femmes, on the L/H group.

TankGirl pose - Love/Hate group gift

To get this obviously awesome pose, all you have to do is join the Love/Hate Hivemind and check the notices(group is available in my profile). You might consider sticking around too, as the group has what is arguably one of the most amusing chats around, and lots of opportunities for goodies. Also, we love you, in a way no one else really can ;d

Reference picture :O

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