Saturday, August 29, 2009

And the day ends with a smile.

Ahh!!! I have been so busy lately moving in RL I am going nuts. Its almost over just one more day to pack up the last bits and head over to the new place. I have lots of bits. *sign* Anyways haha I am happy to say its worth it as not only is it cheaper but its bigger with an extra bedroom over looking a playground and in a better neighborhood we're excited! I was also excited when I logged in and see the new weekly dollarbie from Concrete Flowers was this cute little dress I ran right over and snatched it up. I paired it with this Oval Tiger's eye jewelery set an Exclusive Subscribo Gift you could find at my shop Ripe!! I think it looks perfect together.
Concrete Flowers Weekly Dollarbie "Blooming Dress" (I shortened it a tad bit)

Ripe Subscribo Gift (look in the history) Oval Tiger's Eye Jewelery Set
Stay tuned to hear about my Grand Opening soon!! There will be some juicy ripe surprises and some specials from some friends too!! YaY! Oh and grab the dollarbie scooter while your there if you haven't gotten it already! <3
Check out the hot skin from Cybernetic Skins 1L sale!!
"!CN C2 Skin Dark S2" Thats what the skin is called

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