Sunday, August 2, 2009

Take Me to Your Tropical Paradise

Today's the kinda day when I wish I could escape to some non-stop gorgeous Caribbean island. Thank god for the virtual world & all it's virtual goodies.

This weekend there's been a flurry of group gifts from some wonderful designers. We are so lucky to have such generous & talented creators.

Outfit - [spork] Ashbury skirt + Tube top (group gift)

Spork just handed out this fabulous & exclusive outfit to it's SL group. Join here to get it.

Sunglasses - MIEL BELLA PEEPERS (Group Gift)
Earrings - ZC : Ballari Gold Earrings (Group Gift)

Zaara passed out these lovely earrings in both silver & gold to her SL group. Join here to get them. And Miel sent these perfect sunglasses to her Subscriber Group. They are so wonderfully crafted & textured. Plus, they are scripted with a dozen different textures for both the frames & the lenses. So, you'll have endless combinations to play with & incorporate into your wardrobe. I don't usually wear glasses in SL, but these are really really excellent.

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