Thursday, August 6, 2009

She Fancied Herself Roma

Last night Munch dropped a notecard on her Nomine group informing us of new releases, but also that the lucky chairs have been restocked! So I ran like a motherfucker to get my hands on the goods. Not only are the lucky chairs restocked, but there are now FOUR lucky chairs, and a metric ton of goodies you can get from them, in multiple colors even.

Better yet, She's also put a new dress in the Lucky Fortunes machine. Its one of her newer releases the Venetia gown, which retails for 500L. Its no simple task getting it though, Lucky Fortunes is one of the most wiley, evil machines ever. But at least a certain someone and I are a 100% match.

Not everything in the chairs is flowy and reminiscent of Dungeons and Dragons though, the chairs also have a couple of things for guys, including brown cords and a skully tie. There is probably more, but I can't find the prize vault for the life of me to inspect and see what all is in there ;)

There was also a blurb in a recent Nomine NC about a sale coming up in a week or two. No clue what the sale will be on, but you know I've got my lindens ready and willing to be spent... Not that I can hardly wait or anything.

If you're interested in where I shot this, its Fool's Paradise, owned by Grey Kurka, who has made what is possibly one of the most beautiful prefab homes I've ever seen in my time on the grid. Someday I will own it, but for now I'll just play with the gypsy set he has set out on his land, which is also for sale, and totally worth taking a look at, if only to drool.

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