Sunday, August 9, 2009

Banjee Girl Realness

So there's this one gift in the Skipping Stones Hunt that I've been drooling over ever since the sneak peek hit the fashion feeds.... The Leather Lila Set from So Many Styles. This has got to be one of the hottest outfits, in any hunt, ever...

So Many Styles - Skipping Stones Hunt Gift:
Sunglasses - {SMS} Bugeye Glasses Purple
Jacket - {SMS} Leather Shrug Lila
Shorts - {SMS} Leather Shorts Lila

You get the hotpants, the shrug, sunglasses & a brooch. I was so inspired by this set that I made the gift from my shop *Ticky Tacky* to go with it! XD Might just be my most favoritest hunt gift I've ever given, too. You get a Necklace, Bangles & 2 sets of Earrings.

Jewelry - *Ticky Tacky* Banjee Girl Jewelry Set (SS Hunt)

The So Many Styles gift reminded me so much of what the girls I knew growing up would have worn to the clubs. Makes me feel like one of the Fly Girls. XD Anyway - both the So Many Styles gift and mine from *Ticky Tacky* will be available for FREE in the Skipping Stones Hunt, starting tomorrow!

Oh yes. It's the Realness up in here....

Wrenja just passed me this pic of her wearing the Lazolli skin gift from the hunt. You get all of these make-ups! :O Can you just die from all the awesomeness you're about to get?

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