Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sales Feed My Addiction

The call went out this afternoon. Three new Dollarabies + a 50% off Sale at Polina-Kaestner! :O Loads of great stuff for great prices. And the quality is so good, I might have to head back for more.

Top - (P-K) Wool Sweater Noir - $50L
Shoes - (P-K) Richelieux - Leather - Red - $1L

Top - (P-K) Corset - $20L
Skirt - (P-K) Highwaist Skirt - $40L
Shoes - (P-K)Suede Peep-Toe (Black) - $75L

Dress - (P-K) Two straps summer dress - $1L
Scarf - (P-K) Carre de soie Bleu - $1L

Skirt - (P-K)-Sequin Collection-Highwaist skirt - $20L

All poses used in this post are from Long Awkward Pose.

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